Sandra Brown Reading Challenge

9781455525188_p0_v2_s260x420Sandra Brown is definitely my reading guilty pleasure. Her books are not what I generally go for, but I love them. I read The Crush a long time ago and quickly decided that I wanted to read the rest of Brown’s books. I went through her mystery novels fairly quick and then I discovered that she also wrote a ton of romance novels when she first started out. I’d never read romance before but I decided to check them out. They are actually entertaining but not in the usual way. I am always astonished with the way the men and women in the books are portrayed. The women are always prim and proper, while the men are arrogant, aggressive, and in many cases, borderline rapey. Sandra Brown is a good writer and storyteller when she’s dealing with a mystery. Her romance is extremely outdated and generic, to the point where it can be comical.

Because I decided a long time ago to read all of her books, and because I have this thing where once I start something I cannot finish no matter what, I have already read over 50 of Sandra Brown’s books. If you are looking for some mindless entertainment to read, you definitely should pick up one of Brown’s novels. Below are a list of all her books. (The ones in bold, I have already read.)

22 Indigo Place
Above and Beyond
Adam’s Fall
The Alibi
Another Dawn
Best Kept Secrets
Bittersweet Rain
Breakfast in Bed
Breath of Scandal
Chill Factor
The Crush
Demon Rumm
The Devil’s Own
Eloquent Silence
Fanta C
Fat Tuesday
French Silk
Hawk O’Toole’s Hostage
Heaven’s Price
Hello, Darkness
Hidden Fires
Honor Bound
In a Class by Itself
A Kiss Remembered
Led Astray
Long Time Coming
Love Beyond Reason
Love’s Encore
Low Pressure
Mirror Image
Not Even for Love
Play Dirty
Prime Time
The Rana Look
Riley in the Morning
A Secret Splendor
Seduction by Design
Send No Flowers
Shadows of Yesterday
The Silken Web
Slow Heat in Heaven
Smash Cut
Smoke Screen
Sunny Chandler’s Return
Sunset Embrace
Sweet Anger
The Switch
Temperatures Rising
Tempest in Eden
Temptation’s Kiss
Texas! Chase
Texas! Lucky
Texas! Sage
Thursday’s Child
Tidings of Great Joy
Tiger Prince
Tomorrow’s Promise
Tough Customer
A Treasure Worth Seeking
Two Alone
Where There’s Smoke
White Hot
A Whole New Light
The Witness
Words of Silk

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