Santa Cupcakes

PhotoGrid_1387409782815Still looking for that last minute gift to get your co-workers, child’s teacher, mailman, etc? Why not go with baked goods?! They’re cheap, relatively easy, and personal. I know that I LOVE getting sweets as a Holiday present, especially a cupcake. You want to give me a cupcake as a present, I promise we will be best friends!

At my job we don’t do traditional gifts but we do all get each other a little something, mostly cookies or candy. Last year I gave cookies so this year I wanted to get something a little different. You can’t really go wrong with a cupcake. And I found this adorable way of packaging them so it was really a no brainer. Everyone in the office was getting an individually wrapped cupcake!


To save time I made vanilla cupcakes from cake mix. I did make my own buttercream frosting. You can find the recipe on how to make the perfect frosting here. Decorating them was a piece of cake. I’m usually not great with pretty looking food. My food may taste good but I’ll never win any prizes on my presentation. However, these are super simple to decorate and they are adorable!

Once the cupcakes were all decorated, I just needed to wrap them up. I bought a package of 30 plastic tumblers from the Deals store for only $3. They were the perfect size. The cupcakes fit right in. Then you just throw the cup into a plastic treat bag and tie it up with a ribbon. Over all, not including the baking, I want to say the project took about thirty minutes to prepare 20 cupcakes.

I brought the cupcakes into my office today and they were a huge hit. Everyone loved them and they all raved about how they were packaged.

Santa FaceWhat You’ll Need:
Prepared cupcakes with vanilla frosting
Red sugar sprinkles
White candy coated chocolate candy balls
Red candy coated chocolate candy balls
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Plastic tumblers
9 in x 4 in clear treat bags
White ribbon

1. Coat the top third of each cupcake with the red sprinkles. Do this over a plate and shake the excess sprinkles off. Don’t worry about it being completely even. The white candies will cover it up and make it look neat.
2. Now it’s time to decorate Santa’s “face.” Place one white candy chocolate ball at the top of the red sprinkles. Line the bottom part of the sprinkles with about 5-7 white candy balls. Place a red candy ball in the middle of the cupcake for the “nose” and two chocolate chips above the nose for the “eyes.”
3. Now it’s time to wrap up the cupcakes. Drop each cupcake into a tumbler. Place the tumbler in a treat bag and tie with white ribbon.

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